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Microsoft offers Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions for free to staff and students of schools with a Microsoft Campus Agreement. Office 365 ProPlus includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OutlookOneNote, Publisher (Windows only), Skype for Business, Access (Windows only) and 1 TB of OneDrive for Business storage.


Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions use a software rental licensing model and the license is per user (not per device). Office 365 allows up to five installations per device category. The three categories are Desktop/Laptop (PC or Mac), Tablet and Phone. So you may in fact install Office 365 up to 15 times on three different device types but all installations have to be used by the same person since it’s a user license.

License Scope

Students and staff

Download and Installation

ETH Zurich partners with SoftwareONE for the distribution of Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions. It is not possible to get an Office 365 subscription directly from Microsoft with an ETHZ email address. Just order MS Office 365 from  IT Shop to get access to the Software One Academic Portal and order your subscription. The installation of Office 365 is done from  Microsoft’s Office Portal

Note that Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions must be renewed yearly by reordering the product from the Software One Academic Portal. Your Office 365 login remains the same.

Office 365 vs. Office on Premise

Office 365 ProPlus is meant for student and private staff use and is licensed per user. In IT Shop employees will find both the regular MS Office (also called «Office on Premise» since it’s not integrated with the cloud) and MS Office 365. Both versions are mostly identical to use on your desktop or laptop (you need an Office 365 subscription for phones and tablets) but it’s possible that new features will show up in Office 365 earlier. The per-user licensing model makes Office 365 unsuitable for computer room installations and mass deployment which is why we strongly recommend using regular MS Office for installation on ETH owned devices. MS Office on Premise uses an ETH-internal KMS-Server (Key Management Service) for activation and is licensed per device.

Home Use

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is a big exception as far as home use goes since Microsoft does not only allow ETH students and staff to install Office 365 on their private devices for ETH use but even includes private and even commercial use.


Since ETH Zurich makes the Office 365 ProPlus subscription available through a portal run by SoftwareONE you will have to contact SoftwareONE’s Academic Customer Support for questions related to obtaining and managing your Office 365 subscription. You will also have to contact SoftwareOne if you forget your password since the nature of your anonymous Office 365 login prohibits you from using the forgotten password process of the Office 365 portal. Contact the Service Desk for all other issues related to Office 365.

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