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Changes to VMware Academic Program

VMware moved their Academic Program to a different platform which unfortunately does not support automated user management so we are unable to continue offering VMware software to staff and students. There is a temporary solution for users that already have a VMware installation and need more time to find alternative products. We can offer a […]

Converting Windows retail client to KMS activation

If you are running a retail version of Microsoft Windows (Windows Professional for example) KMS activation will not be possible. In this case we recommend reinstalling a Windows Enterprise version downloaded from IT Shop. Sometimes it may be convenient to convert an existing retail version to an Enterprise Edition with KMS activation. This can be […]

Manually activate Microsoft KMS Software

Microsoft software that uses a KMS server for activation – Enterprise and Education versions of Windows, Windows Server, Office Suite (but not Office for Mac or Office 365) – will usually activate automatically after the installation if the device is connected to the ETH network (directly or through VPN). If the automatic activation does not […]