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I was invited to Yammer/Teams but self-service account registration is deactivated

ETH Zurich partners with SoftwareONE for the distribution of Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions (see Microsoft Office 365 for details). It is not possible to get an Office 365 subscription directly from Microsoft with an ETHZ email address. Unfortunately that means that you can not get invited to another organisation’s Yammer or Teams service with your ETH email address. When you try to redeem such an invitation Microsoft detects that your email address is not connected to an existing Microsoft […]

New Adobe license and availability of Adobe Creative Cloud 2019

Adobe has switched enterprise and eduction customers from a device-based license model to a user-based one with the 2019 applications. That means that the software can no longer be activated with the license key that we have been embedding in our Adobe installers. Current versions of Adobe software require a login with a username and a password. Adobe software versions up to 2018 that are already installed on ETH devices will continue to work until […]

I want to renew/order an older version

To keep the IT Shop catalog tidy we usually only list the two latest versions of a software product (only the latest version for student software). If you already have an installation of an older version and you want to renew/reorder the software but it’s not available in the IT Shop catalog anymore then you can just order a license of the latest version and continue working with the older installation. Exceptions to this rule […]

I ordered the wrong Product/Version. What now?

If you ordered a free software product then you can just return the license in IT Shop (“New Order–>Return Software”) and order the correct product. Since “New Order–>Return Software” does not automatically refund the money you paid, it will get a bit more complicated if you would like to return a software that carries a charge. Three scenarios that may apply, have to be handled differently. I ordered the software for the wrong platform or […]

Why does renew in IT Shop only work for some Products?

The Renew button in IT Shop only works for products that are avilable in IT Shop free of charge. Products that carry a charge require you to reorder the IT Shop license once it expires. The reason is that the payment process of the original order can’t just be repeated because the price of the product may have changed in the meantime.  Note that student software generally does not require a yearly IT Shop license […]

Why is my License expiring when IT Shop says it’s still valid?

IT Shop offers a yearly rental model for most staff software (does not apply to student software). You acquire the right to use one installation of a software for a year and are asked to renew the IT Shop license after a year. The IT Shop license is always valid for one year from the time you order the product and does not correspond to the validity period of the licensing contract with the vendor […]

How many IT Shop Licenses do I need to order?

As a general rule you have to order one IT Shop license per installation. It does not matter if ETH Zurich has an unlimited site license for a product or just bought a limited number of licenses. The kind of license, node (single use) or floating (license server) does not make a difference either, neither does whether we charge for a product or not. Note that you also have to buy an IT Shop license […]

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