Category: Licensing

Extended Security Updates Windows 7/Server 2008

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 with security updates in January 2020 which means that devices still running Windows 7 or Server 2008 are no longer allowed to be connected to the ETH network for security reasons. For customers who need to run legacy Microsoft products past the end of support Microsoft offers the Extended Security Update (ESU) program as a last resort option. ESU is meant to give you more time […]

Oracle Java changes regarding security and licensing

Update October 2021 Oracle once again changed their licensing terms and now JDK17 (the latest Long Term Support LTS) release can be used for free «for your own personal use or internal business operations». But as usual there is a catch. You will only keep receiving free updates for JDK17 until one year after the next LTS version is released. JDK21 will be released in September 2023 which means that updates for JDK17 will stop […]

Home Use of ETH Software

Information for ETH employees concerning home use of ETH software ETH Zurich licenses software products for official use at the workplace. Under certain conditions some of the licensed software products may also be used by ETH employees (and employees of the four Federal Research Institutes belonging to the ETH Domain) at home for ETH related work. Who is allowed to use ETH software at home? – ETH employees who have at least a 50% employment […]