Author: Cuno Schneeberger

Changes to VMware Academic Program

VMware moved their Academic Program to a different platform which unfortunately does not support automated user management so we are unable to continue offering VMware software to staff and students. There is a temporary solution for users that already have a VMware installation and need more time to find alternative products. We can offer a non-renewable subscription to the VMware Academic Program limited to one year. Please write to if you need to renew your existing licenses. […]

Migration of IT Shop (Software) to IT Shop (ITSM)

IT Shop (Software – ) was migrated to IT Shop (ITSM – and is now listed in the Service Catalog under Software and Business Applications. After logging in you will find the familiar software shop functionality under the Software & Licenses entry. With this migration we are taking another step towards a Single Point of Contact/Self Service Portal for all of our IT services. Your existing active licenses will be transferred to the new shop. […]

Extended Security Updates Windows 7/Server 2008

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 with security updates in January 2020 which means that devices still running Windows 7 or Server 2008 are no longer allowed to be connected to the ETH network for security reasons. For customers who need to run legacy Microsoft products past the end of support Microsoft offers the Extended Security Update (ESU) program as a last resort option. ESU is meant to give you more time […]

Oracle Java changes regarding security and licensing

Update October 2021 Oracle once again changed their licensing terms and now JDK17 (the latest Long Term Support LTS) release can be used for free «for your own personal use or internal business operations». But as usual there is a catch. You will only keep receiving free updates for JDK17 until one year after the next LTS version is released. JDK21 will be released in September 2023 which means that updates for JDK17 will stop […]

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching succeeds Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine (formerly known as DreamSpark and MSDNAA) was replaced by «Microsoft Azure Dev Tools» on February 11th, 2019. At the same time the program was moved from the Kivuto to the Azure platform, which made the previous OnTheHub link obsolete. There is a new product «Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching» available in IT Shop for free that can be ordered by students and staff. It comes with instructions on how to access Microsoft […]

Adobe’s name-based Creative Cloud license (since 2019)

Adobe switched its Creative Cloud products license from device-based (per installation) to name-based (one personal license per person) in 2019. ETH’s previous device-based license expired on November 30th, 2019. ETH staff can order the IT Shop product «Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps» that contains all Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Acrobat DC and costs Fr. 70.– per year and license. There is a version for computer labs and shared devices. Order «Adobe Creative Cloud SDL […]

Converting Windows retail client to KMS activation

If you are running a retail version of Microsoft Windows (Windows Professional for example) KMS activation will not be possible. In this case we recommend reinstalling a Windows Enterprise version downloaded from IT Shop. Sometimes it may be convenient to convert an existing retail version to an Enterprise Edition with KMS activation. This can be done by using a KMS Client Setup Key for the Enterprise Edition. See for the appropriate KMS Client Setup Keys and more […]

Alternatives to Adobe Software

Adobe software is very expensive to license for ETH Zurich, requires a lot of resources to package and distribute and causes an exceptional number of installation problems. That’s why we encourage you to use alternative software products if possible. The following list will give you an idea of available alternatives for the common Adobe software packages.  

Manually activate Microsoft KMS Software

Microsoft software that uses a KMS server for activation – Enterprise and Education versions of Windows, Windows Server, Office Suite (but not Office for Mac or Office 365) – will usually activate automatically after the installation if the device is connected to the ETH network (directly or through VPN). If the automatic activation does not work it can be done manually as described below. Windows Client/Server OS Versions Start the Command Prompt with “Right click […]

Dictionary of Licensing and Software Terms

Network License A network license (also floating license or concurrent license) relies on a centrally hosted license server to manage the available licenses for a software product. The software on the client sends a request for a license to the license server when it’s launched. If a license is available then the license server will assign one temporarily to the client. The client needs to be online for the software to work and has to […]

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