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New Adobe license and availability of Adobe Creative Cloud 2019

Adobe has switched enterprise and eduction customers from a device-based license model to a user-based one with the 2019 applications. That means that the software can no longer be activated with the license key that we have been embedding in our Adobe installers. Current versions of Adobe software require a login with a username and a password.

Adobe software versions up to 2018 that are already installed on ETH devices will continue to work until the end of November 2019. After that date the user will also have to login to continue to use the application. We have already setup an authentication system with Adobe that will make the user experience as seamless as possible and we are working on an IT Shop product that will allow users to order their license and activate the login.

There will be an alternative solution for use cases like computer rooms where indivudual logins will not work so well but we are still looking into finding a workable solution.

Please note that while existing Adobe CC installations of versions up to 2018 should generally continue working for the time being there is a known issue with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. It is possible under certain circumstances to receive a software update through Adobe’s auto updater that will break the license and require the user to login after the update. In that case you will have to downgrade to the IT Shop version of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (part of the Adobe Exclusive Apps CC IT Shop product). The problem only applies to Lightroom installations done from the IT Shop drive.

We encourage you to look for alternatives to Adobe software while you wait for CC 2019. Adobe is notoriously difficult to deal with and feels like they can dictate prices and licensing conditions to their customers with relative impunity given their strong market position.

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