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How many IT Shop Licenses do I need to order?

As a general rule you have to order one IT Shop license per installation. It does not matter if ETH Zurich has an unlimited site license for a product or just bought a limited number of licenses. The kind of license, node (single use) or floating (license server) does not make a difference either, neither does whether we charge for a product or not. Note that you also have to buy an IT Shop license for installations done through Baramundi, LANrev, Jamf, App-V etc., those installations are not automatically registered in IT shop and need to be ordered manually. IT Shop software prices, where applicable, are always calculated on a per installation basis regardless of what the vendor’s license agreement says.

The reason is to make the IT Shop licensing experience as simple as possible for you. You don’t have to worry about licensing technicalities, we make sure you’re always covered if you order one IT Shop license per installation.

Exceptions are possible and are noted in the IT Shop product description. Home use, where permitted, is one notable exception.

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