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I ordered the wrong Product/Version. What now?

If you ordered a free software product then you can just return the license in IT Shop (“New Order–>Return Software”) and order the correct product.

Since “New Order–>Return Software” does not automatically refund the money you paid, it will get a bit more complicated if you would like to return a software that carries a charge. Three scenarios that may apply, have to be handled differently.

I ordered the software for the wrong platform or the wrong version

Let’s say you ordered the Windows version of a software by mistake when you meant to get the Mac version or Version 10 when you needed Version 11. In this case let us know by sending an email to Do not return the Software in IT Shop, we will assign the correct software to your order.

I need a refund for an erroneous order and it has been less than a week

Return the software license(s) in IT Shop and let us know you want a refund by sending an email to If it has been less than a week since you ordered, we will be able to stop the SAP transaction so you will not be charged for the order.

I need a refund and it has been more than a week since I ordered

Generally, refunding money in IT Shop is a manual process that can be requested by sending an email to with the order ID(s) (found in “My Orders” in IT Shop) and the fonds/cost center information. Note that it is not cost effective to request a refund for small amounts like 10 Francs at a time. We may also decline to refund money for orders that are more than a few weeks old.

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