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Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching succeeds Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine (formerly known as DreamSpark and MSDNAA) was replaced by «Microsoft Azure Dev Tools» on February 11th, 2019. At the same time the program was moved from the Kivuto to the Azure platform, which made the previous OnTheHub link obsolete.

There is a new product «Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching» available in IT Shop for free that can be ordered by students and staff. It comes with instructions on how to access Microsoft Azure Dev Tools.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching allows members of ETH Zurich to download and install Microsoft OS and developer products (but not MS Office) on ETH devices free of charge to be used for teaching and research. The software may not be used to run the infrastructure of the department. In addition, faculty and students may check out or download the software to install on their personal computers.

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