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Suggesting a new IT Shop Product

Software products are considered for central procurement through ICT Services if there is a broad appeal, the contract can be funded, a substantial discount can be negotiated and it is feasible to technically distribute the software through IT Shop.

Criteria for central procurement of Software

Broad Appeal

Several institutes/departments must be interested in purchasing the software for at least a few dozen users.

Contract Funding

The institutes/departments must be willing to fund the contract. Usually this happens with a yearly charge for licenses ordered in IT Shop. Other funding models are possible.

Price Advantage

A substantial discount in comparison to the purchase of single licenses at regular education prices must result from centrally procuring the software.

Technical Feasibility

It must be possible to distribute the software through IT Shop and the deployment systems of ICT Services. Proprietary licensing mechanisms like hardware dongles may disqualify a product.

To suggest a software product for IT Shop distribution and central procurement please send the following information to

– Interested institutes/departments, number of users
– Name and description of software and publisher as well as vendor
– Operating systems, version
– Minimum number of required licenses (updates and/or full licenses) for each platform

  • – Contact person

If the software meets all the criteria then we will contact the publisher/vendor and start negotiations. You will receive feedback from us during the process.

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