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Why is my License expiring when IT Shop says it’s still valid?

IT Shop offers a yearly rental model for most staff software (does not apply to student software). You acquire the right to use one installation of a software for a year and are asked to renew the IT Shop license after a year. The IT Shop license is always valid for one year from the time you order the product and does not correspond to the validity period of the licensing contract with the vendor or the technical license period of the software (if applicable). Some software requires renewal of the license activation periodically so it’s possible that your software will warn you that your license is expiring while your IT Shop license is still valid.


License Server Software

With network licenses (also known as “floating licenses” because they use a license server and “float” between different users) the license resides on a central license server and the expiration message will automatically disappear once the license server has been updated with the new license. There is no user interaction required. We aim to renew licenses in a timely manner but it’s not always possible to avoid expiration warnings to pop up on the client. Some license server software will trigger the warning until the old license has run out regardless of whether the new license has already been installed or not.


Single Use Licenses

Single use licenses (also known as node or node-locked) are locked to your device during installation and may require reactivaton with a new license key or file periodically. You will be notified by email when a new key or license file becomes available for your software in IT Shop (My Software–>License/Installation). Only users with a vaild IT Shop license of the product will be notified.


Note that the expiration email you receive from IT Shop does not mean that your installations is going to stop working when the IT Shop license expires. It’s just a friendly reminder to renew (or reorder when a yearly charge is involved) the IT Shop license of the product.


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