Author: Cuno Schneeberger

I ordered the wrong Product/Version. What now?

If you ordered a free software product then you can just return the license in IT Shop (“New Order–>Return Software”) and order the correct product. Since “New Order–>Return Software” does not automatically refund the money you paid, it will get a bit more complicated if you would like to return a software that carries a […]

Returning an IT Shop License

The IT Shop feature “New Order–>Return Software” allows you to return a software license while it is still valid. There can be several good reasons for returning a software license but it isn’t always the best strategy to deal with an erroneous order. All that happens in IT Shop when returning a software is that […]

How many IT Shop Licenses do I need to order?

As a general rule you have to order one IT Shop license per installation. It does not matter if ETH Zurich has an unlimited site license for a product or just bought a limited number of licenses. The kind of license, node (single use) or floating (license server) does not make a difference either, neither […]

IT Shop Terms and Conditions

The IT Shop allows users to order software licenses and download the software. It is a first step towards a «One-Stop-Shop» for all kinds of products and services provided by the IT Services department.   Data protection The IT Shop uses and generates data that is confidential and may not be passed on to third […]

Software Procurement Services

ITS Portfolio Management offers a wide range of software procurement services in cooperation with ITS Order and Contract Management and ITS Software Asset Management covering the complete software life cycle. We centrally procure, manage and distribute a software portfolio with over 300 products, host over 70 licenses servers and advise our customers in matters related to software […]

IT Shop access for ETH Student Organizations

Qualified ETH student organizations can request access to ETH staff software in IT Shop to be used for work related to the student organization (but not for academic studies). Send an email to ISG VSETH with information about your student organization and the person who will order software for the organization. Note that both the person ordering software and the persons […]

Suggesting a new IT Shop Product

Software products are considered for central procurement through ICT Services if there is a broad appeal, the contract can be funded, a substantial discount can be negotiated and it is feasible to technically distribute the software through IT Shop. Criteria for central procurement of Software Broad Appeal Several institutes/departments must be interested in purchasing the […]

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